Turkish ladies in skirts

We cannot help thinking the fashion a pretty one; and to be glad to encourage it, even if it be somewhat luxurious; especially as the universal use of the sewing machine enables us to indulge, at the trifling expense in such dainty robe skirts.

Whatever style is chosen. Single copies 25 cents.


Page 14 From her personal experiences, written 11 years after the war. This means health to your hands and is appreciation of a good meal. The James Garfield home and estate, "Lawnfield," in Mentor, Ohio, just outside of Cleveland, might be contacted for more information on whether or not Lucretia Garfield disliked what was originally a light purple colored dress which, I recall, faded fairly quickly in color.

Nothing really - except they wear what they feel comfortable wearing. Pullan has this to say; " Of late it has become fashionable to allow scarlet and crimson to appear in Mourning dress. Along those lines, Frances Cleveland wore many turkish ladies in skirts that showed off her bare neck, shoulders and arms - sleeveless I think is the right term.

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Obviously, what she wears has to be carefully planned. Historically, how has the First Lady's inaugural ball appearance--her dress, hair, etc--shaped her public image for years to come? Pullan, fashion magazine editress, page 59, has this to say; "Cut out a model in old lining calico or any waste material.

Reagan wore black knickers with a dress, which generated lot of controversy, but I haven't done further research on it - though I seem to remember a story about it at the time in the Washington Post.

At ocean resorts where the water was very shallow near the beach, people undressed in little houses on wheels, which were drawn out into deep water by horses and hauled back to the shore when the bath was finished.

I paid "two dollars and a half a yard for calico.

History of Bathing Suits

It might be fun to include Rosalynn Carter in our story, since she was so refreshingly frugal compared to many other First Ladies. Nellie Taft also enjoyed diamonds and wore thick neck collars and matching thick wide bracelets - almost looking like they were shiny clothing cuffs.

The same applies to clearing up after the meal. The minster raised his hands in prayer, and the fair girl knelt; and in this posture perplexed her friend which most to admire, her beauty or her devoutness. It was as perfect a hat as was ever molded by the hatter, but the oddness of that hat consisted in its being stitched on the sewing machine with silk thread.

Pullan, fashion magazine editress, page 47, has this to say; Both in France and England elegant dressing gowns are confined strictly to the higher classes, the wealthy and the noble. Pullan has this to say, "Buttons and button holes are still neater and more secure; but it is not every material which is suitable for button holes.

While it's hard to put an exact number on any of the dresses worn by First Ladies since they are frequently donated or provided at a great discount, do you have some sense of what might be the most extravagant Inaugural wardrobe worn by any of the First Ladies? In terms of style - and again, I am no expert at all, or even an astute observer.

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Turkish ladies in skirts
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